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Boston Concierge Storage was founded after recognizing a need for a new and innovative storage model in the city of Boston. Co-founders Deanne Rubinoff and Ebony Owens assisted each other on Deanne's residential move between the neighborhoods of Beacon Hill and Back Bay in Boston, MA. Deanne purchased her own garment racks only to be turned down on moving day to transport. Arriving at the new apartment — without any closets, storage space, or the ability to bring in armoires — Deanne thought there has got to be a thousand other people in the city of Boston that want a garment rack option as well as the usual box storage.

Mr. Owens, who has storage management experience, knew there was nothing available in the full-service storage market that offered garment racks. After some time of sharing ideas with Deanne — they collaborated to make Boston Concierge Storage a reality.

With the success of BCS, Ebony and Deanne wanted a bigger challenge, so they decided to expand to New York and create New York Concierge Storage — a new full-service storage model that is affordable for all.

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